Tahlia Mosley

Assistant Mining Title Consultant


Introducing Tahlia, our Assistant Mining Title Consultant who joined Austwide in 2017. Tahlia is a valuable member of our team and has made significant contributions to our clients success.

Tahlia brings a diverse range of skills and experiences to her role as an Assistant Mining Title Consultant. She is responsible for ensuring Mining Act compliance, lodging Form 5 Expenditure Reports, dealing with shire rates and rents, preparing documents for lodgment with the DMIRS, and liaising with prospectors.

Prior to joining Austwide, Tahlia worked as a client liaison for a financial planner and as an accounting assistant. Her previous experience has equipped her with excellent communication and organizational skills, which she puts to good use in her current tole.

Tahlia is a dedicated and detail-orientated professional, always striving to provide the highest quality service to our clients. She is passionate about the mining industry and enjoys working closely with our clients to help them achieve their goals.

We are delighted to have Tahlia back from her maternity leave and continuing to provide excellent service to our clients. With her expertise and commitment, Tahlia is a key member of our team and plays an important role in helping our clients succeed.