Hayden Williams

Mining Title Consultant


Meet Hayden, a mining title consultant with extensive experience in the resource tenure division of the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS).

Throughout Hayden’s career, he has held multiple roles, where he has showcased his ability to manage complex mining title-related matters with ease.

Prior to this, as a Senior Title Services Officer at DMIRS, Hayden established processes to capture PWC weekly tasks and deadlines, ensuring a greater awareness amongst the team of which milestone tasks need to be completed each day. Hayden has also monitored PWC work priorities during times of heavily affected staffing resources and delegated matters accordingly amongst present staff whilst giving clear explanations to ensure understanding across the team.

Hayden has a strong understanding of PWC processes, including matters relating to the 2022 Practice Directions, and is able to conduct PWC processes efficiently. Hayden has conducted 36 ballots in South Hedland Court on behalf of the Marble Bar Mining Registrar, proving his ability to handle complex communications with parties relating to PWC matters.

As a Title Services Officer, Hayden gained a deep understanding of the workings of DMIRS and its clientele by providing quality front-line customer service and processing applications for mining tenements dealings and other applications under he Mining Act 1978, various State Agreement Acts, and other Acts relating to mineral tenure. His ability to resolve general enquiries as a first point of contact for telephone and other enquiries was invaluable in providing positive customer-focused interactions and building a strong rapport with regular clients.

With Hayden’s vast experience in mineral title information systems database, including TENGRAPH and EMITS and strong and strong comprehension of PWC processes and manuals, he is a valuable asset to any team looking to navigate the complex world of mining titles. Hayden is dedicated to delivering quality results and resolving complex mining-title related matters with ease.