Don Perry

Manager – Northern Territory

Don commenced his career with the Northern Territory Public Service Minerals and Energy Directorate in 2001 and joined Austwide in 2014. 

As a result of having occupied numerous positions of responsibility within the Directorate until his resignation in 2011, Don brings to Austwide Mining Title Management the benefit of years of administrative and operational experience in the Northern Territory mining environment.

In 2001 Don was initially appointed to the position of Team Leader in the Mining Titles Division, leading teams in area responsible for the grant, renewal, transfer and maintenance of mining titles.

While continuing to lead various teams, Don was appointed to the position of Mining Registrar. Resulting from that appointment he also held the position of Clerk of the Mining Wardens Court, responsible for preparing cases to be heard in-house by the Mining Warden and in the Magistrates Court by a Magistrate sitting as the Mining Warden.

Don was then appointed to the position of Senior Project Officer in the Division’s Native Title and Aboriginal Lands Right section, responsible for liaising, corresponding with and advising applicants for mining tenure and Representative Bodies under the provisions of  the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act 1976 (ALRA) and the Native Title Act 1993 (NTA). His duties included attending on country meetings in an advisory capacity between applicants for tenure and Representative Bodies – ALRA, and attending mediation sessions in an advisory capacity between applicants for tenure, Representative Bodies and Officers from the National Native Title Tribunal – NTA.

Don was then appointed to the position of Mining Officer in the Directorate’s Mining Compliance group, fulfilling the duties of a Mining Officer under the Mining Management Act (MMA). Among his duties were controlling the assessment of Mining Management Plans and undertaking field visit campaigns to mining sites within the Northern Territory to monitor operations for compliance with the MMA.

After leaving Darwin in 2011 Don became the Mining Officer for a mining title management company dealing primarily with matters within the Northern Territory. His duties included the provision of advice to clients on operational matters, preparing due diligence reports, preparing Mining Management Plans and applications for the grant and renewal mining tenure.